COVID-19: Should I stop eating out?

2020-11-23 | Admin
3 minutes

Each person will need to make an individual assessment of their vulnerability level i.e. age, immediate contacts at home and health history, however, consider that COVID-19 is not going to disappear overnight, it will have an impact on our social activity and behaviours for months to come.  So consider this:

Get Takeout

Keeping social distance: in the workplace many of us are already working in an environment where keeping a continual social distance of 1.5m is not possible and we interact with each other day in day out like a big extended family. 

Instead of dining out, phone orders ahead and send one person to collect the meals.

Don’t be offended if while dining in, your meal and/or beverage is served to you using single use dinnerware. 

Countless cash; use your card or mobile phone to pay for your meal using paywave technology, eliminating the need to exchange money with the server or use the keypad on the EFTPOS terminal (remember your total bill will need to be under $100 to use the Paywave card service).

If your fav restaurant doesn’t ordinarily offer delivery and isn’t on a platform like Uber Eats, phone them and ask if they would consider offering this option due to the extenuating circumstances (off course this will incur a delivery fee).

Be assured that the food industry is heavily regulated by State authorities and for decades they’ve had a strong focus on mitigating food-borne illness therefore eating establishments are highly regulated already with regards and regularly inspected to ensure that hygiene and food safety standards are maintained. 

Food business are prepared for this:

They have to have food grade sanitisers

Soap dispensers and separate handwashing facilities in their kitchens

Other precautions some food businesses are implementing include:

Wearing gloves with each face-to-face contact ie. at the cash register

Increasing the number of sanitising stations with in the café or restaurant.

Temporarily swapping to single use utensils (don’t be offended if your glass of lemon-lime and bitters is served to you in a disposable cup).

Wiping down chairs and table between each use (please be patient with the wait staff while this precautionary measure – for your safety – is carried out).

Consider dining at single premise food businesses rather than going to high density spaces eg. Shopping centres. 

You can stay updated by visiting the Australian Government Department of Health website 

At the end of the day, common sense should be observed, you can still enjoy lunch or dinner out with your friends, just consider doing so in smaller groups and maybe consider getting takeout and taking your meal down to the beach or having a spontaneous picnic in the park, if the café or restaurant is crowded.