Our Story

What inspired the creation of Clean Food Finder?

After returning home from a family holiday in 2018 and feeling like the struggle of trying to find places to dine out at, that supported my dietary requirements had impacted on my overall holiday experience, I thought....

’wouldn’t it be great if there was a mobile app that could help me find places to eat, not based on cuisine type or price point, but instead based on my dietary needs and values?’
With a little research (ok a lot) I learnt that one in three Australians avoid gluten, dairy or meat, and that the average Australian eats out two to three times per week.  It soon become apparent that there was a gap in the market and I could see how this service would support many people in maintaining the integrity of their health when dining out.
Having spent 15+ years in the food service industry and the last five years working within Local Government, helping food businesses navigate food regulation and legislation, I knew I could create an effective service that would meet the needs of both the health conscious customer and support the growth of small food businesses in Australia.
Welcome to the Clean Food Finder!

Amber Mclean, Founder